Syndication = Reach

Have great content you want to share with a broader audience? Use Playwire to syndicate your content to other Playwire customers, and earn a share of the ad revenue they generate from their audience. Looking for quality videos to supplement your own? Search our syndication library for content you can put on your site.

Video Syndication

Broaden Your Audience

Submitting your video content to Playwire Syndication is a snap. Just check off the option as you upload your video. We’ll review it for suitability for inclusion. If your content is especially good, we’ll select it as a top-rated video in our syndication library.

Expand Your Video Library

Wish you had more great video content for your web sites? Playwire takes the burden off your production staff by giving you access to syndicated content from other customers. Drop the videos on your site, and you’ll automatically share ad revenue on those videos between yourself and the video owner.

Build Playlists from Syndicated Content

Playwire’s dynamic playlists make it trivial to build a playlist of curated syndication content in whatever category you select. Pick a sports theme, travel, nature, animation, games, etc. Your playlist will automatically stay fresh with the latest content.