Video Encoding and Uploading

Easy video encoding and uploading for streaming high-quality content to every device globally.

Multiscreen Video Delivery

We understand the value of providing audiences the highest quality video, and how quality directly relates to engagement and time spent. This is why video encoding is automatically done in multiple renditions of source file, ensuring delivery of the highest video quality for your audience every time.

Video Encoding

Easy Content Uploading

Upload video content straight to your Playwire library from desktop or mobile devices. Use the simple Bulk Upload feature to add multiple videos at a time.

  • Simple Upload
  • Bulk Upload
  • API Upload
  • CSV Upload
  • MRSS Upload
Easy Content Uploading

Accepted Video Formats

Our upload process supports nearly all video input formats. To see the full list of the 150+ video formats we support, visit our accepted video formats page.

Accepted Video Formats