Our Video CMS Puts Everything at Your Fingertips

Upload, organize, browse, and syndicate your videos, all from a single interface. With Playwire’s sub-accounts feature, you can even organize multiple business units under a single system.

Everything at Your Fingertips


Tools like categorization and keywords make it easy to manage all your video content. Organize videos into reusable playlists, either manually or with our dynamic playlist generator. All of these features are available both through the web interface and the Platform API.

Syndication = Reach

Have great content you want to share with a broader audience? Use Playwire to syndicate your content to other customers through our Video Ad Exchange, and earn a share of the revenue they generate from their audience. Need quality videos to supplement your own? Search our syndication library for content you can put on your site.


For organizations with multiple business units, it can be a hassle to manage different typles of video hosting accounts. Playwire makes video distribution and publishing easier for managing multiple business units with subaccounts: fully-featured accounts tied to a single parent account, with unified billing and analytics, and the ability to share videos among the participants.