Build Playwire into Your Workflow with our Video API

When you are operating video at scale, you can’t always rely on web UIs for critical interactions – you need an API you can incorporate into your specialized workflow. That’s why Playwire provides a robust RESTful API for all your video management needs.

Build Playwire into Your Workflow

Upload and Transcode

With Playwire, you encode and upload in a single API call. Or, if your videos are already transcoded into the relevant file formats, bypass our encoding.

Playlists and More

Our API is for more than just uploading videos. Search your video library, build playlists, examine your Bolt Player styling and behavioral settings, and so on.

PHP Library Support

Are you a PHP house? Playwire provides a PHP library you can drop right into your tools to speed up API integration, with all API methods wrapped in simple PHP functions.