Understand Your Audience with Video Analytics

Playwire combines a rich internal video analytics platform with the power of Google Analytics to pinpoint which videos are getting played, by whom – and how much revenue those videos are generating. Analytics are just one more free feature of the Playwire Platform.

Understand Your Audience

Keep It Fresh

Playwire recognizes how important timely data is, so we constantly ingest and process data, allowing you to see stats like video plays with just a 10 minute delay.

Video Events

Key video event data is recorded directly to your existing Google Analytics account, so you can add it to the data you are already collecting on your web sites. See plays, pauses, ad views, and more. Use Google’s real-time views to see who’s watching where, up to the moment.

Understand Your Usage

With Playwire, you know exactly how many videos you are encoding and uploading, how much bandwidth your videos are consuming, and so on, across any period of time. Subaccount users can see this broken down by individual business unit, or summarized for your whole business.