Reach Every Viewer

Designed from the ground up to leverage the power of HTML5, the Bolt Video Player was built to run fast and reliably cross-device on desktop and mobile devices, so you never have to disappoint a viewer.

Reach Every Viewer

Say Goodbye to Flash

Playwire’s early commitment to HTML5 put our Bolt Video Player at the leading edge of video playback technologies that deliver a complete feature set without reliance on Flash, so your content isn’t affected by Flash blocking and the limitations of iOS.

Responsive for Mobile

With responsive sites the new norm for web UI, you need a video player that can respond as well. Our Bolt Player lets you swap between fixed dimensions and responsive sizing at the touch of a button.

Cross-Device Monetization

Cross-device video playback is great, but if ads won’t play, you’re losing money on those videos. That’s why Playwire offers separate ad tagging for desktop and mobile, plus rich feature detection to allow the best ad creative to be selected for each viewer.