HTML5 Video: The new standard for
web-based video delivery

Built from the ground up with HTML5 and Javascript technologies, Playwire offers complete functionality whether your audience is seated at a desktop, tablet, mobile, or connected device.

HTML5: The New Standard for Web Based Video Delivery


Intelligent caching and modularized code keep Playwire slim for fast loading over mobile connections. A responsive design means you can integrate Playwire with your responsive site without adding new logic. And because Playwire doesn’t depend on Flash, iOS users get the same great experience as the rest of your viewers.

Retina Quality, Fully Restylable

CSS styling rules make it easy to style Playwire to look just the way you want, using familiar web styling standards. Or take advantage of the Playwire platform’s WYSIWYG customizer to rework your look-and-feel in seconds. Enjoy Retina-quality controls with Playwire’s SVG-based iconography.

Javascript API

With the event-driven Bolt Video Player Javascript API, developers can tie their code to Playwire. Watch for plays, pauses, volume changes, fullscreening, and so on. Load Playwire dynamically based on interaction with your pages. And more – it’s all up to you.